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I’m a bit of a gearwhore. And because I choose to live life on a motorcycle, I don’t have the luxury of the boot of a car to transport a metric tonne of photography equipment.

Two months ago, Chrome came out with their Niko Pro Camera Bag and since I was in the market for a new camera bag, I picked it up. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best photo bag I’ve owned.

The bag fits my 7D, two lenses, two 580EX II speedlites, and my Phottix remote triggers fairly comfortably, as well as my CF cards, spare Galaxy Nexus battery, chargers, cables, Blackrapid camera sling, and other stuff.

My OSOE Combat Cock is attached to my left shoulder to look funny and also holds my business cards.

I’m looking for a lightweight, folding light stand that I can attach to the adjustable straps on the front, and a collapsing softbox that I can strap to the side of the pack (been looking at the Cheetahstand QBox 24).

Like I had mentioned, the pack isn’t perfect. I wish it were maybe 1.5” / 2” wider. The top zip storage space is a little shallow and doesn’t offer any organization (just one mesh slot) so my stuff is just tossed in there. PALS webbing on the sides of the pack would be fantastic. Also, a bit of retroreflective material somewhere on the exterior would have been nice as well. Other than that, it’s a very nice pack.

That’s enough text for now.